Mission Trips

The P4C mission is global. Our nonprofit reaches out to communities in all parts of the world.​

We Have The Power To Change Lives…

Our mission trips are designed to help those in the very most need, but who are often overlooked. It is the goal of P4C to sponsor a small contingent of mission trip volunteer members to travel to needy communities. With the participation of many, a P4C group has traveled to Lesotho, South Africa. There they aided in medical clinics, orphanages, and elder homes. If you would like to contribute to our next mission trip or be a mission trip volunteer, contact us today.



  • It uplifts those who may have limited resources available to them
  • It expands our reach from local to global
  • It helps highlight social issues that may otherwise be overlooked
  • It enhances our lives by providing us an opportunity to turn prayer into action
  • It broadens our horizons by introducing us to new situations and cultures