Our Board & Founder

Deborah Harris

Deborah Harris, Ph.D. - Founder of Praying For Our Children & President/CEO of Deborah Harris Inc.

Since 2003, Praying For Our Children, Inc. (P4C) has touched the lives of people worldwide through honoring prayer requests and lifting up the names of those in need of prayer. Dr. Deborah Harris founded this charitable organization after listening to the voice of God when He told her to stop worrying about her children and just pray.

A Word From Our Founder and President...​

Some years ago, my college-age children “turned into people I did not know”. Out of a motherly desperation to “save” them, I began searching for ways I could get them under “my control”. God instead instructed me to pray for them. He then led me to ask audiences to pray for my children before I presented the message. The Praying For Our Children Ministry was born.​

​As I travel around the world delivering messages to God's people, the congregation as a whole, individually and audibly prays for their children and the children of the world, before the message is delivered. The response has been overwhelming as men and women groan for the well-being of their children. The prayers are focused, intense, and often provide much needed relief. God is giving us a peace and strength to carry on. We have found that prayer is the most powerful tool we have to protect our children and lead them through challenging and often life changing experiences.

A Word From Her Children...​

Her Son... Praying for our Children is the whole reason that I am where I am today as a father, a husband, a college graduate, and a Major in the US Army. The organization did not exist until after many of my accomplishments were achieved but the concept of my mother praying for her children has allowed me to be where I am. I took my mother through a lot and I mean a LOT in my college years, including taking “way more time than necessary” to finish. Then to make matters worse my sister comes along and doubles our mother’s pain. However, she never gave up on us. Praying For Our Children is an opportunity for us to share what worked for our family with others so that they may also use this formula for success.

Her Daughter... There was a time when I was intolerant of imperfection and it was only through my own weaknesses and failures that I have grown to understand, empathize and seek to empower others. I have made decisions that have completely changed my life yet it wasn’t until my mom began to tell me she was praying for me that I begin to see differently. Praying For Our Children was born out of our Mom’s struggle with us and I am now an ambassador compelled to continue the legacy. I am a mother, a lawyer, and a college professor. Above all I am a renewed child of God living triumphantly in spite of my past that others will judge for eternity. I am a testimony that circumstances do not determine your destiny they only intensify your journey. That is why Praying For Our Children exist so that we can empower and encourage others not to give up on the journey.